Efficient or efficacy?

Markets became volatile and what was thought to be wise decision, is now being reconsidered constantly. New adaptation abilities are required, to new work methods and partnerships, guarantying the same quality, rigor and excellence of always, along with the contracted schedules maintenance.

Thus, we need to be not only efficient, but basically to do things with efficacy. And to do so, we might have to sort out the most subtle and difficult attitude changes in our companies.
Efficacy with experience

In that sense EKS puts to your disposal a qualified service by specialized technicians with large experience in all fields related with shoring, launching beams, and formworks for any kind of construction. From the simple cottage, to the most complex construction, in civil engineering, regarding collaboration and profitability of current and future projects, EKS will be your partner.
Competitive advantage

EKS is present in all stages of the project and construction. Participating in the constructive solution, economical analysis, budgeting in the tender stage, re budgeting in the construction stage and following the site until its conclusion.

Thus, EKS will be your partner choosing the most adequate, either technical or economical solution, in and beyond borders.


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